About Zara
Zara Sports Club has been in operation located in Northern Virginia since 2010 as an association of local DC Metropolitan Area Eritrean‐American parents to create an independent, sports association. Zara has been providing many Eritrean‐American children the opportunity to play and develop their skills in soccer. It maintains the relationship with other Eritrean/Eritrean‐American soccer associations in the surrounding states, local leagues, the Eritrean Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA), and the Eritrean Sports Federation. The name Zara Sports Club was chosen to bridge these children to their forefather’s country: Eritrea. Zara is a place located in the northern highlands of Eritrea in the Ansseba Region on the Zara River.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of Zara Sports Club to provide each player the opportunity to sports and
educational venue that nurtures their common heritage, helps them improve their skills, and encourage sportsmanship.

Statement of Principles
The primary purpose of the Meet and the strategy that drives all activities planned and carried out by the Parents is:

• To promote the growth of soccer at all levels of play, including competitive and recreational levels.

• To provide training in all areas of the sport, including playing, coaching, and refereeing as well as increasing the general knowledge of the sport by all participants, including parents.

• To provide a level of competition for players that are aligned with their skill and commitment level while challenging players to develop their abilities in accordance with their goals.

• To promote fair play and sportsmanship.

• To establish a fun environment and develop a lifelong passion for the beautiful game: Soccer

During the Spring/Summer/Fall season we practice from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM at various locations. For more information on practice locations please scroll down. If your kids like soccer and live in DC Metropolitan Area you are more than welcome to join us.